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Welcome to our site!

Our Publishing House "Prospekt Nauki" - the name means "Science Avenue" in Russian - is a private-owned company publishing in the areas of microbiology, biotechnology, food science, nutrition technology, medical engineering, construction materials and environmental management.

We are situated in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and are specialized in the publication of textbooks, reference and scientific literature.

We have a rich personal experience of scientific and teaching activity; therefore our credo - individual, attentive, valid, skilful approach to the work with the authors. That’s why we publish books only of the best specialists, as well as professors and rectors of most prominent Russian universities and academies.

Our books are recommended in more than 160 universities alone in Russia and are also used in the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The books are bought by educational institutions, scientific and technical libraries, as well as by companies, that are active in the applicable industries, for their scientists, since our books have an enormous practical value.

We at "Prospekt Nauki" have a rich personal experience of commercial activity; therefore we sell the books of our authors, they do not raise dust on the storage!

Once again - welcome!

Here are some of our new books, that are about to be released in the next few months:

Trees and shrubs for verdurisation of objects of landscape architecture. Textbook

L. N. Hairova e.a.
Microelementosis of animals. Textbook

V. G. Skopichev e.a.
Biotechnology of feeding the pigs. Textbook

S. N. Hohrin
Prevention and treatment of diseases of hooves in cattle. Textbook

A. J. Batrakov e.a.
Design of multicomponent food. Textbook

O. J. Mesenova
Geographical epizootology. Textbook

V. N. Kislenko
Game animals. Textbook

V. I. Mashkin
Biological basis of fish farming. Brief theory and practce. Textbook

M. L. Kalajda
Field and vegetation studies in agricultural chemistry and phytophysiology. Textbook

G. A. Vorobeinikov e.a.
Foundations of spatial development of cities. Textbook

A. V. Gorodkov
Biotechnology. Textbook

V. A. Chenkeli
Introduction to pharmaceutical microbiology. Textbook

V. I. Kocherovets e.a.
Modern road construction materials. Textbook

T. F. Ganieva e.a.
Safety of habitability in pharmaceutical production. Textbook

L.V. Tagieva, L. N. Konstantinova
Pesticides. Textbook

L. M. Popova, A. V. Kurzin, A. N. Evdokimov
Feeding of animals. Textbook

S. N. Hohrin
Industrial production technologies of dairy products. Textbook

O. V. Bogatova e.a.
Large workshop "Microbiology". Textbook

I. B. Ivshina
Microbiological principles of preservation of green fodder. Textbook

S. N. Hohrin
Physical chemistry of melts. Textbook

B. A. Lavrov, J. P. Udalov
Physeology of plants and animals. Textbook

V. G. Skopichev
Architecture, design and organization of cultural landscapes. Textbook

A. V. Gorodkov
Methods of fishery research. Textbook

M. L. Kalajda, L. K. Govorkova
The ABC of engineering calculations in MSC Patran-Nastran-Marc. Textbook

V. A. Zhilkin
Hydrobiology. Textbook

M. L. Kalajda, M. F. Hamitova
Fish toxicology. Textbook

M. L. Kalajda, J. V. Chugunov
Properties, production and use of mineral fertilizers. Textbook

B. A. Dmitrevskij e.a.
Fundamentals of mammalogy. Textbook

V. I. Mashkin
Evaluation of groundwater quality and methods of ist analysis. Textbook

M. A. Antipov e.a.
Housing, feeding and diseases of exotic animals. Decorative dogs. Textbook

A. A. Stekolnikov e.a.
Fundamentals of technical regulation in the oil and gas business and petrochemistry. Textbook

A. V. Sharifullin e.a.
Cattle selection of different dairy breeds. Textbook

I. L. Suller
Vegetable Production on open ground. Textbook

V. P. Kotov e.a.
The reliability of mechanical equipment and systems. Textbook

R. S. Abiev, V. G Strukov
General biology and microbiology. Textbook

A. J. Prosekov e.a.
Comparative anatomy of fishes. Textbook

V. G. Skopichev
Chemical technology of vitamins. Textbook

N. V. Korotchenkova, A. A. Iosep
Methods for studying the properties of raw materials and foodstuffs. Textbook

I. P. Kovaleva e.a.
Milk. Textbook

V.G.Skopichev, N. N. Maximjuk
Expert evaluation through GIS mapping

V. M. Szerbakov
Chemistry of protein. Textbook

I. V. Shugaley, A. V. Garabadziu, I. V. Celinsky
Enzymes. Laboratory workshop

V. S. Gamajurova, M. E. Zinovieva
Microbiological synthesis

A. M. Bezborodov, G. I Kvesitadze
Technology of conservation. Textbook

T. F. Kiseleva, V. A. Pomozova, E. C. Gorenkov
Veterinary-sanitary examination of fish and other aquatic organisms. Laboratory workshop. Textbook

E. V. Avdeeva, N. A. Golovina
General histology and embryology of fish. Textbook

M. L. Kalajda, M. V. Nigmetzjanova, S. D. Borisova
Barrier technology of aquatic organisms. Texbook

G. N. Kim, T. M. Safronova, O. J. Mezenova, C. N. Maximova, I. N. Kim
Biochemical basics of processing and storage of raw materials of animal origin. Textbook

J. G. Barzanova e.a.
Zoology of invertebrates. Textbook

R. N. Burukovski
Organization of reproduction of dairy cattle breeds. Textbook

I. L. Suller, P. G. Zaharov
Vegetable growing on protected ground. Textbook

G. S. Osipova
Kartography. Textbook

V. P. Davydov, D. M. Petrov, T. J. Tereszenko
Selection of genes in animal breeding. Textbook

I. L. Suller
The two-phase extraction in obtaining medicines and cosmetics

V. A. Weinstein, I. E. Kauchova
Electrothermal processes and reactors. Textbook

S. P. Bogdanov e.a.
Fundamentals of Chemistry and Technology of bioorganic and synthetic drugs. Textbook

V. S. Mokrushin, G. A. Vavilov
Estimates of economic ressources

P. P. Pasternak
Organic synthesis products and their use. Textbook

J. A. Moskvichev, V. S. Feldblum
General insectology. Textbook

G. A. Bey-Bienko
Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Microbiology. Textbook

V. A. Galynkin e.a.
Immuno- and nanobiotechnology. Textbook

E. G. Deeva, V. A. Galynkin, O. I. Kiselev e.a.
Complete regeneration of tires

S. E. Shahovetz, V. V. Bogdanov
Activating mixing in polymer technology. Textbook

V. V. Bogdanov e.a.
Fight agains corrosion in water systems

V. I. Terentjev, S. V. Karavan, N. M Pavlovez
Technology of extrusion products. Textbook

A. N. Ostrikov e.a.
Technological and biochemical basics of alcoholic beverages. Textbook

P. A. Gurevic, I. S. Dokuchaeva, M. K. Gerasimov
Technology and methods of smoking food products. Textbook

O. J. Mesenova
Microbiological principles of HACCP in food production. Textbook

V. A. Galynkin e.a.
Nutrient media for microbiological quality control of medicines and food products. Reference book

V. A. Galynkin e.a.
Fundamentals of Biotechnology higher fungi. Textbook

N. A. Zaikina e.a.
Industrial Ichthyology. Textbook

S. V. Shibaev
Chemistry of Cements and Binding Agents. Textbook

E. I. Shmitko, A. V. Krylova, V. V. Shatalova

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